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The second-generation motorist had earned a reputation as a super-sub within the previous two seasons. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free. Conor Daly will pilot the No. 20 Ed Carpenter Racing Chevrolet for the road and road IndyCar races in 2020.

Conor Daly will finish the No. 20 Ed Carpenter racing lineup during the 2020 season, driving the road and road course races along with team owner Ed Carpenter on the ovals.  Daly will even drive a third car through the month of May, culminating with the Indianapolis 500.

Daly will keep his relationship with the U.S. Air Force in his latest open-wheel endeavor. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free .

“that I am so grateful for the devotion the U.S. Air Force has shown along with the faith to me to get the work done,” Daly said.  “It has been an unbelievable connection to see grow and get stronger as we continue to include races into our program.  I couldn’t be happier to be getting one more step closer to fulltime Indy car contest.

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free

“As an Indiana kid, it just feels right to be getting a chance with Ed Carpenter Racing,” Daly said.  “This group has done such an incredible job through time, and I have a tremendous amount of admiration for Ed and this group. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free.  I look forward to entering a season feeling entirely prepared with simulator testing and time for the first time in many decades.”

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free

Daly has earned a reputation as an underrated driver with nominal financial backing in recent years.  He’s also been a popular replacement driver for teams needing a last-minute motorist capable of submitting outcomes.

Daly drove for three groups in 2019: Andretti Autosport, Schmidt Peterson Motorsports and Carlin. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free, In all, five distinct teams have trusted Daly supporting the wheel over the previous two seasons.

 He reached Formula two before making that choice. 

He hurried full time in IndyCar at 2016 and 2017 for Dale Coyne Racing and AJ Foyt Racing with nominal achievement, albeit secondary attempts for the respective teams.

He also earned a best finish at the Indianapolis 500 at 2019, scoring a 10th for Andretti in his sixth appearance in the Greatest Spectacle in Racing. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free.

Bill Simpson: A Life Dedicated to Racing and Racing Safety

More than after, Simpson set himself on fire to show the potency of his firesuits. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, Can it really have been January 1993 when I walked into the company just outside Los Angeles to buy my very first –and, sad to say, apparently my final –tailored suit?

I had been sporting off-the-rack stuff, and that I was tired of itThere was a little room left on the American Express card, and I planned to max out it.  I wanted the best, and I got it.  The man using the tape measure composed down everything carefully. 

Colour: Black.  Material: Nomex.  Trim: Three yellow rings around the upper arms.

“We all sew your name on it for free,” the guy said, just one more ceremony of Simpson Racing Products, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, based on safety guru Bill Simpson, who died Monday at age 79, following a stroke.

I told the salesman that I had just as soon not have my name on the suit.  He was perplexed.  “Everybody wants their name on the lawsuit!  It can even be a nickname.  Like’Bubba.’   I had been living in Texas at the time and supposed that people in California guessed half of Texas men must be known Bubba, when in reality, it is less than a third.

From the late 60s, Bill Simpson took nomex substance used by NASA and forced racing lawsuits out of it.  Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. He would pour gasoline over himself and also be lit on fire to prove how secure the suits were.

Among the greatest influences in racing security passed away today at the age of 79.  RIP Bill

I fell to tell him that the true reason I didn’t need my name on the suit: Then as now, I am such a crappy race driver that I dissuade any way of expedited identification.  Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, Pursuant to that, no race car I have owned has had my name on it. 

Correctly figuring I could use any benefit available, I moved to Simpson for my firesuit, back when they actually called them”firesuits.”  Go to the Simpson Racing Products website now, and they’re called”racing matches .”  To Bill Simpson, though–a guy who never spent much time worrying about political correctness, or calling a lawsuit something which would not create a racer’s spouse see it hanging in the cupboard and think of”fire”–it was a firesuit.

More than once, Simpson put himself on fire to show the potency of his firesuits.  He needed to: Until NASA astronaut Pete Conrad, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, an avid amateur racer, introduced Simpson to Nomex, in 1967 that a then-new fire-resistant material invented by DuPont scientist Wilfred Sweeny, nobody had found a really effective, affordable substance that would work. 

Simpson took the ball and ran with it and in his first year of producing Simpson firesuits, 30 of the 33 starters in the Indianapolis 500 were sporting them.


Simpson, as multiple obituaries have already noted, was a California native, growing up alongside, as well as a part of, hot-rodding.

At 18, he broke both arms when his dragster declined to stop in the end of the drag strip.  Many racers had toyed with the notion of using a parachute to prevent their dragsters, but Simpson was the first to make it work, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, when he used a rented sewing machine to stitch together a nylon chute that he and his friend and fellow drag racer Mike Sorokin submitted to a scientific evaluation –they tied it to the tow hitch of a Chevrolet station wagon, drove it into 100 miles, and Simpson tossed the chute out the trunk.  And boydid it work! 

The too-big chute sent the Chevy airborne, falling to ground in a tree nursery.  The police sent Sorokin and Simpson to jail, where Simpson confessed he needed a bit more technology to do.  After he made it right, and”Big Daddy” Don Garlits began using his chutes, Simpson was on his way.

Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

Sorokin, incidentally, went on to become the driver for the mythical Surfers Top Fuel racing team, together with Bob Skinner and Tom Jobe, that was the team’s tuner along with a self-taught nitromethane expert, who guessed that if the other men were operating well on fuel which has been 60 percent nitro, how fast could they proceed with gas which has been, say, 98 percent nitro?  They moved fairly fast.  Or burst.  They exploded a lot.

NOBODY was a game changer in automobile racing compared to Bill Simpson.  He had been innovator, leader, a MAVERICK in every sense of this word.

Gonna miss the telephone calls & should you knew Bill… you understand this grin meant he was headed to his ship ✌️

Following the Surfers hung up it, Sorokin kept racing, and at age 28, he had been killed in Tony Waters’ dragster once the clutch exploded.  This was occurring often–racers discovered that when you let the clutch slip a bit, the car actually hooked up faster and moved faster, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, so they had been modifying them on their own, and if the clutch neglected it might just cut a car in half.  Simpson took his friend’s death challenging, but a lot of racers were dying afterward, their deaths were normally a shock but rarely a surprise.  Sorokin was murdered on Dec. 30, 1967–the 23rd drag racer to expire that year.

Simpson continued to race, and in 1974, made it into the pinnacle: He qualified for the Indianapolis 500 and finished 13th.  Several years later he had been practicing Indy and recognized that his head was on company –calls for return, substances he had to buy–rather than on his driving, and he understood it was time to cease.

Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

Stop racing, not stop innovating.  He had a hand in bringing several 200 creations into the safety market, and likely just as many that did not make it, like his”bionic glove” that would stop a racer’s hands from tiring.  He even opened a restaurant–Flat-Tops at Indianapolis.

Indy car racer Bill Simpson qualified for the 1974 Indianapolis 500.

In a meeting given when he was 63, the female writer noted that he was a”ruggedly handsome man.”  Oh, Bill Simpson could be magical, and he may benot magical.  Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, He is acerbic, impatient, and he didn’t suffer fools.  But once you were on Simpson’s personal”approved” list, he would likely be your friend for life.  He could be his own worst enemy.  In that exact same interview given if he was 63, he admits to being”creative, not smart.”  Geniuses often do not make the top businessmen.

Undeniably, Simpson’s worst moment came at the 2001 Daytona 500, when his friend Dale Earnhardt was killed when he struck the wall in turn 4.Indianapolis 500 Live Online.  Like so many drivers Before the popularity of the Head And Neck Support, or HANS, device, Earnhardt died from a basilar skull fracture, as did NASCAR drivers Adam Petty, Kenny Irwin Jr. and Tony Roper in 2000.

But in NASCAR’s own analysis of how the sport’s biggest star was murdered, substantial blame was placed on the Simpson seat straps Earnhardt was wearing.  “If his restraint strategy –his belts–had held, he would have had a much greater chance of survival,” said Dr. Steve Bohannon, NASCAR’s medical practitioner.

Yes, the left-side lap belt broke, Simpson consented, but stated it was improperly installed to match the manner Earnhardt prefer to sit in the car — non.  He argued his case, and there was evidence to support his own claim, but few listened.  He got death threats.  Bill Simpson killed Dale Earnhardt!  The reputation he had worked for a long time to construct crumbled in 1 week. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free.

“The Simpson Company wasn’t responsible in any way, shape or form for this crash,” Simpson said in a statement.  “Having analyzed and produced seat belts for the motorsports industry for more than 43 years, we have never seen that a seat belt come apart in the manner that happened.  Our seat belts, when correctly installed, won’t fail.”

NASCAR, Simpson believed, was throwing him under the bus.  Earnhardt fans were anxious to hear any explanation which didn’t incorporate the possibility that Earnhardt, who wore an open-face helmet and had no interest in talking to Jim Downing, the co-inventor of the HANS, much less wear, might have made a mistake.  Several mistakes. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free.

Simpson had sold a majority interest in his firm to investors in 1999, along with the corporate forms now running Simpson Performance Products wanted this bad publicity to go away–today.  Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. A year after the crash, Simpson filed an $8.5 million defamation lawsuit against NASCAR:”They picked on the incorrect man this time,” he said.  Prior to the filing, Simpson Performance Products delivered out a media release saying they wouldn’t be party to some rumored suit.  Bill Simpson was out there, by himself.

But he wasn’t backing down.  “All NASCAR had to do was apologize to me, but no, they had been damn arrogant.  Consequently, if that is the way they would like to be, then fine. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free.  There’ll be a lot of shit coming from this, things they never wanted to discuss,” Simpson told Autoweek before the suit was filed.

As for Simpson Performance Products,”They are at the appeasement business right now, but that is their problem.  What NASCAR did was incorrect, and I’m not going to accept it.  Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, They can mess with a lot of people, but they are not going to mess with Bill Simpson.  I will stand up to them.  I’ll see them in court”

Bill Simpson believed he was thrown beneath the NASCAR bus in the aftermath of Earnhardt’s death.

He did.  The suit was settled out of court in July 2003.   “Simpson and NASCAR are happy to announce that they agree it is in the best interest of racing they direct their time, energy and resources away from litigation and to improving safety for professional racing drivers,” said a statement accepted by both sides.  Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free. Not surprising: Few high profile lawsuits involving NASCAR seem to go through the complete trial process, and the last thing the entire body wanted was to broadcast this specific batch of laundry.

Simpson sold the remainder of his business, and, after a one-year non-compete agreement was satisfied, started Impact Racing, where he developed and sold security equipment and spent lot of time describing why Bill Simpson was actively advertising against a firm he founded, that still bore his name.  He sold Impact in 2010, stating that he was”getting old” and it was time to”pass the torch.”

However, it had been a turbulent few decades for Simpson’s new firm.  In 2009, a former effect employee told the manufacturers of the HANS device that Impact was using bogus anchors on some helmets–anchors are at which the HANS attaches to the helmet.  HANS inspected 87 Impact helmets being used at the NASCAR races at Bristol Motor Speedway, also discovered that 82 had the questionable anchors. 

The anchors were stamped with trademarks for HANS, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) and the SFI Foundation, but HANS explained that in-house tests showed the anchors did not match the load requirements given by the FIA.  Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free, A subsequent lawsuit claimed that Effect was buying attachment clips from China for $8.90 a set, in comparison to $41.25 for its true HANS clips.

Bill Simpson is regarded as the grandfather of the use of parachutes in drag racing.

The Chinese clips have been inscribed with an SFI certificate.  The nonprofit SFI Foundation, which issues and administers security standards for racing gear, stated that Impact never participated in that app.

On the heels of this came the revelation that Impact had sewn fake SFI Foundation certification stains on a few of its own suits and used bogus SFI labels on different goods.  Impact and the SFI engaged in a massive Battle of Press Releases, together with Impact claiming that”SFI’s activities have caused racers to unnecessarily question their safety” in utilizing Impact equipment. 

The SFI countered using a scathing release saying that, one of additional revelations,”Scientific testing just conducted on 2008 Impact 3.2A/5 matches has decided that the thread melts in a fire.”  Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free , The thread was not created from Nomex, as SFI was led to believe, but”some type of unidentified noncompliant thread that melts during heat testing.  This thread failure is contrary to the SFI specifications that Impact consented to follow”  It went downhill from there.

Nobody asserts that Bill Simpson was the consummate innovator, working fast and hard to receive his innovations on the market.  That occasionally bit him, like in 1984, when Simpson Sports manufactured the first carbon-fiber motorcycle helmets.  Early models failed testing; Simpson explained that the difficulty was with his resin provider.  He presumed the resin would cure correctly in 48 hours, but discovered after promoting 300 of the helmets that it took eight weeks.

Still, no wonder: Simpson has saved countless lives.  He was a bulldog in regards to safety, took each fatality personally, saw every accident as a more problem to solve.  He had been named to the Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2003, and nobody since deserved the honour more.

And for the only tailor-made suit I will ever possess: Nevertheless fits, nevertheless ideal, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. still Bill Simpson at his best. 

2019 IndyCar Review: Fernando Alonso and the Indianapolis 500 disaster

The 2019 NTT IndyCar Series seen a gorgeous season of highs and lows for everybody involved over the span of 17 races, Indianapolis 500 Live Free Motorsport Week reflects on some of the key moments that encapsulated the gripping season…

At the first attempt of racing in the world-famous Indianapolis 500 at 2017, Dual Formula 1 World Champion Fernando Alonso made his first appearance at the Brickyard so as to become the next man in history to win Motorsport’s unofficial triple Crown’ following the fantastic Graham Hill.

McLaren initially awakened with the emerging powerhouse of Andretti Autosport also it was a stunning introduction from the Spaniard, qualifying fifth and running with all the leaders for nearly all the race to boot, even leading 27 of the 200 laps. Indianapolis 500 Live Free, However, with only 21 laps to go in ironic manner his Honda engine failed.

A couple of years later McLaren attempted to earn a return to the Speedway on their own with the help of this British-based Carlin outfit, which also races in the sequence. Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. It all appeared to be moving smoothly in clinic until Alonso made a mistake in Turn 3 and crashed his primary car.

After losing a whole afternoon’s worth of running due to rain and further monitor time the next day as the automobile took longer to prepare than anticipated, Indianapolis 500 Live Free, it was a race against time to prepare for qualifying.

Alonso’s car took a long time to fix after a heavy crash in clinic

Indianapolis 500 Live Free

On the very first day of qualifying, it was exceptionally tight.  It looked like the Spaniard scraped to the automatic 30 places, Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, but would be forced into the last row shootout on Bump Day by Pippa Mann by just a mere 0.020mph.

Having done some asking about immediately, it was hinted that McLaren was given a set up sheet from a rival group in order to facilitate their bidding to get in the race.  However, it was not to be.

Indianapolis 500 Live Free

 Alonso begrudgingly made his post-session interviews brief and swiftly left the circuit to consider that the shambles of what the previous couple of days had entailed.

In the fallout of this failed job, McLaren CEO Zak Brown showed a lengthy catalogue of mistakes which resulted in their collapse, which are briefly as follows:

– Brown needed to acquire a steering wheel from Cosworth after failing to create their very own in time.

– The Carlin ready car was painted the wrong colour of orange and spent a month in the garage only 30mins in the Speedway.

– Electrical issues which caused a mechanic to be removed from the team.

– Acquired new installment for Sunday’s shootout, but have been placed on the vehicle in wrong units of measure.

– Incorrect equipment ratio installment which left the car 1.5miles brief.

After the litany of errors, Bob Fernley promptly dropped his place as team president and the future of McLaren’s time at Indianapolis was once again under the microscope. Indianapolis 500 Live Free, But, McLaren have gone into partnership with the Arrow Schmidt Peterson Motorsports outfit to create Arrow McLaren Racing SP going forward.

Alonso has also reiterated he wants to pursue his continuing dream of succeeding at Indianapolis and procuring the triple crown.  But is it with McLaren in 2020? 

“That is absolutely the greatest narrative of my life”

Kaiser was right.  It also was among the best stories in the very long history of the Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, a young driver with just five NTT IndyCar Series races on his resume, forcing for a team with a small percent of the resources of the team it knocked out of the race, had qualified 33rd for the 103rd 500 with a last-minute streak which sent home a two-time Formula One World Champion.

Fernando Alonso at 2019 Indy 500

Kaiser and Juncos Racing put together just enough of an attempt to top Fernando Alonso and McLaren Racing, which had struggled to find speed during practice and qualifying. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free,  With minutes to spare and little hope, Kaiser listed a four-lap average of 227.372 miles, just enough to make it in the race and prevent Alonso and McLaren from doing exactly the same.

Nearly as shocking as the mad was that the story behind it.   Ricardo Juncos, the group’s owner, considered scrapping everything but decided against it.  Rather, after speaking with Kaiser and other team leaders, he chose to transform the group’s only other automobile — a road-course car raced the month before in Circuit of The Americas — right into a speedway car.

“It was a debate I had with (Ricardo) and other consultants as to whether I wished to do this,” Kaiser said following the successful run.  “We knew there was a lot at stake, including money.  Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free, We determined we aren’t the quitting kind.  We felt like we could pull it off, but it turned out to be a big bet.”

While the story of Juncos’ success was that the story of the day, so too was the handling of collapse by Alonso and McLaren’s principals.Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free,  In a press conference afterward, McLaren sporting director Gil de Ferran took the attribute.

“that I want to apologize to you personally, also,” the 500’s 2003 winner stated, turning to Alonso.  “We did not give you a car that was quickly enough.  You drove as the champion that we know you are.  Particularly the past three days are incredibly tense and hard, and we could not have asked anything more from you, Fernando.  I am sorry, man. Indianapolis 500 Live Free, You are an amazing driver.  In my 35 years of racing… this has been the most painful experience I’ve ever had.” 

2020 Indy Car Show Greets The New Year With A Glittering Screen

It is the time of the year when the Indiana Convention Center transforms into a glittering display of cars, highlighting the very best of the New Year.  Indy 500 Streaming. From a raft of crossovers to full-size SUVs and even several automobiles, you will want to attend the 2020 Indianapolis Auto Show.

Twenty automakers are represented in the series that starts the day following Christmas and runs through Jan. 1, 2020.

Indiana remains a Significant player in the automobile industry using a GM truck plant in Fort Wayne, Indianapolis 500 Live Free, Toyota at Princeton, Honda at Greensburg, AM General at Mishawaka, and Subaru at Lafayette.  

That is emphasized by the all-new Subaru Legacy sedan and Outback wagon, the latter the bestselling midsize crossover in the usa.  Indy 500 Streaming. Both cars are more elegant with accessible turbo engines and improved infotainment systems.   Toyota’s Indiana-built three-row Highlander crossover can be all-new for 2020 with sleeker styling and lavish interior.

It is an SUV planet and GM is stepping up.  Indianapolis 500 Live Free. Slotting involving sub-compact crossovers such as the Chevy Trax and Buick Encore and midsize versions such as the Chevy Blazer and Buick Envision would be the Fashionable Chevy Trailblazer and Buick Encore GX.  

Indianapolis 500 Live Free

Jeep provides a complete assortment of powerful off-roaders into the series, but the one certain to find the most attention is the Gladiator pickup with detachable doors and convertible top.   Get it in Rubicon trim for the greatest at all-terrain capability.

Indy 500 Streaming

While crossovers principle, automobiles make their case together with the redesigned Nissan Versa’s upscale styling and all-new BMW 3-Series — the first and ultimate sports sedan.   Indianapolis 500 Live Free. Since Volkswagen celebrates 70 years at the U.S., it stands apart the Beetle while preparing to get an electrical future and revealing that the slick Arteon four-door coupe and fresh two-row Atlas Cross Sport crossover.   If we are lucky, we will observe the mid-engine C8 Corvette.

Also take a look at the Subaru Loves Pets Initiative that spouses local animal shelters together with the automaker to locate new homes for our furry friend.   You can save a life by committing to the Versiti Blood Center of Indiana Bloodmobile from 12-3:30 p.m. Daily throughout the series.

Putting a finer point on Indianapolis’ racing legacy are siphoned attributes brought into the series from 11-time Indianapolis 500 starter Scott Goodyear.  Indy 500 Streaming. He is bringing Dan Wheldon’s Indy 500-winning Automobile courtesy of Andretti Autosport, a 2019 Honda Civic Type R Pace Car, 1 F3 Americas automobile, along with an F4 U.S. automobile.

“This year’s 106th series has much to offer,” explained Greg Huber, president of the Indianapolis Automobile Trade Association.  Indianapolis 500 Live Free.  “The producers are optimistic, and the customer gets to see the reason why they’re so excited.   We have used every inch of this room to create the most of your trip.”

Entry for adults is $12 at the door, $6 online; kids under 12 get free with an adult. Indy 500 Streaming. Directions and parking information can be found at

Alonso promises Indy Reunite, McLaren and Andretti Most Powerful optionsImage from Zak Mauger/LAT

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream-Fernando Alonso insists he’ll go back to the Indianapolis 500 at 2020 and states that his most powerful choices would be to race for McLaren or even Andretti.

The Spaniard led lots of laps Andretti on his very first effort in Indy at 2017 before retiring with a Honda motor failure, but a return with McLaren this season saw the group don’t qualify. 

Certainly, I shall try again.

“They aren’t the only choices but for sure they’re the most powerful.  I have a devotion to McLaren and there’s also how great I felt at Andretti, and that I feel a part of the team and staff. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. I have an excellent relationship “

“First I wish to perform Dakar and Indy and see if I am overlooking F1.  This year, it was fine to be from this F1 bubble but my friends are saying,’Today you’re out of F1 it’s the opportunity to enjoy life a little.’ Indy 500 Streaming.  And I say what makes me happy would be to race.

Indianapolis 500 Live Free
Conor Daly, driver of the #17 U.S. Air Force Recruiting Service Thom Burns Racing Honda, prepares to put on his helmet on pit road during “bump day” May 19, 2018, at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Indianapolis. The entry for Conor Daly was the first time the U.S. Air Force has sponsored a car in the Indy 500. (U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Greg Erwin)

“F1 remains a chance.  The 2021 principles are rather intriguing.   In case it ends up that I miss F1, I’m open to returning again.  In addition, the driver market is quite available for 2021, thus there’s not any rush to create a determination.”

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

Josef Newgarden guessed the offseason after his next NTT IndyCar Series championship could go considerably enjoy the weeks which followed his first name in 2017. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. He’d create some media looks, attend a few awards banquets, match with the patrons and ease into a different IndyCar offseason.

What’s happened this season, nevertheless, has been magnificent to say the least.

Then came what could be known as the greatest information in racing in the previous 50 years on November 4. Indy 500 Streaming. That’ll end 74 decades of possession by the Hulman George Family as soon as the sale is finished in January.

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

About November 22 came the statement that four-time Champ Car Series winner and 37-time race winner Sebastien Bourdais wouldn’t be a part of Dale Coyne Racing with Vasser and Sullivan from the No. 18 entrance next year.  A important portion of Coyne’s funds for 2020 had dropped and the group has yet to register a contract to come back to Honda or combine Chevrolet in 2020.

Newgarden admits that he does not understand what to expect next.

“It has been a crazy offseason,” Newgarden informed NBC within a private interview. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. “It has been one thing after another.  It looks like every week there’s some critically impactful news that’s been hitting on the table. 

“It makes me consider my status in the game and how lucky I’ve been to not just have a chance, but a continuing chance in IndyCar.   It is like in almost any other game, you do not know how long that the runway will be from the game itself with the staff in that game. Indy 500 Streaming. It is a shifting landscape and at times you forget that.

“I am eager to go racing again but this offseason hasn’t been short of shocking information.  I really don’t know what else will occur before the end of the calendar year, but it’s establishing for quite the expectation before St. Pete.”

 The 82-year-old reveals no signs of slowing down and together with his profound respect for the Indy 500 and IMS, the near future is in good hands under his direction.

“With Roger’s statement, it is a really welcome change for everybody involved,” Newgarden explained.  “We’re excited what the near future will bring.

“Roger has ever done a fantastic job of assigning.  On the other hand, we invest nearly all our time together with Tim Cindric overlooking the rushing performance. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. I believe Roger’s time will change later on and we’ll see him on the side and much more about the ownership side.

“I feel that is a fantastic thing.  The health and the energy of this show is equally as crucial as the racing group wellbeing. Indianapolis 500 Live Free, It stands for an advantage for all of us.  I am enthusiastic about it.

“When there was one individual in the world you could decide to take over the reins of both IMS and the IndyCar Series, then there’s no superior individual that Roger Penske.”

Newgarden considers Penske is a fantastic listener and places a team set up to get things accomplished with true thought. Indianapolis 500 Live Free.  He’s also quite focused on lovers and client connections not just for both the brief term and long term.

 Now that it is December, Newgarden is prepared to return to work.

 “That is always true with IndyCar.  When you finish the season, it is wonderful to receive a rest.  However, the moment you get two weeks in, you’re all set to go racing. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream.  I have already begun to set a strategy in place for how a year ago ought to seem, what we could do better, places which are strong and areas that require work.

“it is a never-ending struggle.  When you reach the peak of the group, it is rather tricky to remain there. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. Things are constantly changing in motorsports.  Attempting to keep your crown is becoming increasingly more difficult each moment. 


He’d lost his ride in Champ Car, wasn’t well known at the NTT IndyCar Series, Indy 500 Live updates, and didn’t know where to go.

That’s when fellow Frenchman Gil de Ferran predicted with an offer to try sports cars. Watch Indy 500 Live, Pagenaud jumped at the opportunity.  Finally, he caught the attention of Dreyer & Reinbold Racing in 2011, then Schmidt Hamilton Motorsports, and eventually signed with Team Penske before the 2015 season.

However, before de Ferran telephoned him 12 years ago, Pagenaud considered going back to France and changing his life.  Fortunately for him, he didn’t.  Indy 500 Live updates, Had he done so, he wouldn’t have caught both races at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May 2019.

“I really questioned my profession (in the conclusion of the 2007 season),” Pagenaud said after completing the IMS sweep by winning the Indianapolis Grand Prix along with also the 103rd Indianapolis 500 introduced by Gainbridge. Watch Indy 500 Live, “Champ Car (had) folded, therefore I wasn’t actually known at the (IndyCar) paddock.  … It was very hard for me to really have a connection.  People did not know my value.”

Indy 500 Live updates

They know now.  This is Simon Pagenaud’s value: Since with de Ferran’s offer to go back to open-wheel racing, he has won 14 races, the 2016 IndyCar Series championship, Indy 500 Live updates . and the Indianapolis 500.  He has also become one of the most aggressive and aggressive drivers in the show, having completed no lower than sixth in the final standings in the past four seasons.

“It is funny how things simply tatakeheir place,” Pagenaud explained.  “After a couple of races (in the IndyCar Series), I was in touch with Roger (Penske).  Indy 500 Live updates, That was my fantasy.  It’s always been my dream to visit Team Penske.  … Now it is the Dream Team.  They’ve helped me realize all of my fantasies with all Chevy and Team Penske.  I wouldn’t need to be with anyone else.”

And, without Team Penske, he wouldn’t have been able to control the entire month of May so thoroughly. Watch Indy 500 Live, From the Grand Prix, he started eighth, drove to the lead late in the race, and won by 2.047 moments over Scott Dixon. 

“The stars aligned for me the entire month,” Pagenaud said the day afteafterning that the 500.  “I think there are days, like yesterday, I couldn’t do anything wrong.  I give that a small bit to Lady Luck.   Yes, (fortune ) was on our side.”

 Rick Mears, Dario Franchitti, Takuma Sato, Tony Kanaan and teammates Will Power and Helio Castroneves were among the first. Watch Indy 500 Live,  But the congratulations that mattered most to Pagenaud?  An emotional call from de Ferran.

“Without me , I don’t believe I would’ve ever unlocked a lot of possible,” Pagenaud explained.  Indy 500 Live updates, “He surely has a very special spot in my heart.   I said,’Thanks for all, because all of your advice worked. ”’

Reigning NTT IndyCar Series winner Josef Newgarden has things in his life and career figured out.

He drives for Roger Penske, the iconic mototeamer and legendary businessman; he is a two-time series champion, winning his first IndyCar name in 2017 for Team Penske; and recently, Newgarden married long-time Lady, Ashley Welch.

So, should anything be maintaining the dashing 28-year-old American race driver awake at night as he prepares for the upcoming 2020 IndyCar Series season?

“Yes, I have got to win the Indy 500,” Newgarden explained this week at Detroit as he promoted the next year’s Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix presented by Lear in Belle Isle Park and talked engineering and racing together with local college students. Indy 500 Live updates,  “We got to figure out that one.  My principal goal in season 2020 would be to acquire the 500.  There is nothing more important to me”

Newgarden, that has won 11 races for Team Penske in 3 years with the group, is becoming close in”The best Spectacle in Racing” in Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Watch Indy 500 Live Online, He finished third in 2016 and fourth year to Penske teammate Simon Pagenaud after battling for the lead in the closing laps of the race.

It simply has not gone the way of possibly the quickest and most aggressive driver in the IndyCar Series.

“Obviously as a group, we’ve been very powerful,” said Newgarden, who drives the No. two Hitachi Chevrolet.  “We’ve got the people, the equipment to perform it. Watch Indy 500 Live Online, We are not lacking (anything), without a doubt.  Indy is merely one of those areas you can’t if it is going to shine on you on that specific day.

“For some individuals, it has.  For many individuals, it happens many, many times.  Indy 500 Live updates, So, I believe that you can get it at the same time, and 2020 could be that year”

“It has always been No. 1 in my racing list of things to do,” said Newgarden, who began kartactingage 13.  “It hasn’t changed. 

Newgarden joked that getting married throughout the off-season will not slow him down.

“Nothing has changed, which can be great,” he said of the nuptials.  “We’ve got a fun relationship, therefore it is great to take it to another chapter.”

Josef NewgardenNewgarden spent part of his afternoon Tuesday with students in the Breithaupt Career and Technical Center in Detroit, where he chatted to students about IndyCar layout and also looked over a 1969 Trans Am Camaro built at the University of Pittsburgh with the Assistance of Roger Penske and his first Indy 500 winner, Mark Donohue.

Next year’s IndyCar Series race at Belle Isle Park (May 29-31) will see the introduction of this Ancient Trans Am Series at the track in support of INDYCAR’s doubleheader weekend.

“Very cool car,” Newgarden advised the students.  “I’d have loved to push one.”

Newgarden will get to race on Belle Isle next summer as he participates in the show just doubleheader race stop.

“it is a tough weekend on crews,” explained Newgarden, that won the first of the year’s two races in Belle Isle Park. Indy 500 Streaming Live,  In regards to the championship, it could be a very powerful weekend.”

Newgarden promises to be just as aggressive in his driving as in prior seasons.

“I just need to control that aggression ” he explained.  “I feel each year, I get a little better at that.”

Newgarden knows the pressure will be on him again this season.

“In racing, you are judged by your final result,” he said.  “You’re constantly competing to acquire much better.  I think we can be better compared to last year.  Indy 500 Live updates. I think we could be more consistent and increase the win tally.  As funny as it sounds after winning a championship, ” I think we can be better in 2020.”

Indy 500 Live updates

Newgarden will be racing next season for the new owner of Indianapolis Motor Speedway and the NTT IndyCar Series as Penske recently acquired them in a blockbuster movie.

“I really don’t think you’ll find anyone disappointed with his own acquisitions,” Newgarden explained. Indy 500 Streaming Live, “If anyone can choose a singular person to take over the reins of the Speedway and the IndyCar Series, then there isn’t a better individual than Roger Penske.

 He’s got the background and the knowledge. Indy 500 Live updates, Roger has everything to assist the Indy 500 and series to thrive tomorrow and for many years to come.” 


This Through the Lens shot of this 2019 Indianapolis 500 field, taken by Chris Owens on the morning of the race, Indianapolis 500 Live Online, could almost function as the game’s Christmas card.  It definitely brings back fond memories of an excellent NTT IndyCar Series season.

The 200-lap race delivered everything a race fan could ask for, capped by a final shootout involving Team Penske’s Simon Pagenaud, Indy 500 Live updates, that headed 116 of the 200 laps, and Andretti Autosport’s Alexander Rossi.

Takuma Sato of Rahal Letterman Lanigan Racing, Josef Newgarden of Team Penske and Will Power of Team Penske rounded out the top. Indy 500 Live updates.

Four warns for 29 laps kept things lively, particularly when five cars were collected in a twist 3 incident on Lap 178.

The apparent omission was Fernando Alonso and his McLaren team, which were bumped from the field by Kyle Kaiser and Juncos Racing in a last-minute qualifying run.

Indianapolis 500 Live Online

The 104th running of the Indianapolis 500 presented by Gainbridge is set for May 24, 2020.

Indy 500 Snake Pit unveils Martin Garrix as 2020 headliner

David Lindquist, Indianapolis StarPublished 8:00 a.m. ET Dec. 19, 2019 | Updated 8:10 a.m. ET Dec. 19, 2019

Indy 500 Live updates -Martin Garrix will direct a quintet of electronic dance music acts at the 2020 Indy 500 Snake Pit.

Indianapolis Motor Speedway announced today Garrix, Galantis, Indianapolis 500 Live Online, Rezz, Steve Aoki and Yellow Claw as Indy 500 Snake Pit amusement on May 24.

It’ll be an encore performance for Garrix, who performed as part of the 100th Running edition of this Race Day infield party in 2016.

Martin Garrix will perform May 24 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Martin Garrix will perform May 24 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  (Photo: Photo supplied by RCA Records)

Indianapolis 500 Live Online

Prices, $30 to $125, can be found at and  An Indy 500 ticket is necessary for entry into the event, which begins at 7 a.m. and can be open to attendees 18 and older.

The Indy 500 Snake Pit, presented inside Turn 3 at the monitor, is one of three IMS concerts leading the race up.

On May 22, REO Speedwagon and Styx will perform within this Yearly Carb Day concert.  On May 23, Luke Bryan will headline the yearly Legends Day concert.

Locate the best things to do, 2020 Indianapolis 500.

Indianapolis 500 Live Online

Be the first to know about the coolest things with boundless digital access today!

Almost 30,000 EDM fans are expected to catch Dutch DJ-producer Garrix at this year’s Indy 500 Snake Pit.

Swedish duo Galantis collaborated with country music icon Dolly Parton on”Faith,” Indianapolis 500 Live Online, a song which will show up on 2020 Galantis album”Church.”  2020 Indianapolis 500, “Faith” is a reworking of”Have a Little Faith in Me,” 1987 only by Indianapolis native John Hiatt.

Rezz, otherwise known as Isabelle Rezazadeh, made her Coachella festival introduction in 2018.

Aoki will make his next Snake Pit appearance, following a 2015 pair that preceded headliner Kaskade.

DJ Mag rated Dutch duo Yellow Claw since the world’s No. 77 DJ behave for 2019.  2020 Indianapolis 500. (Garrix was recorded at No. 2 and Aoki was listed at No. 10)

The Indianapolis 500 is scheduled to start at 12:45 p.m. May 24. Indianapolis 500 Live Online, Check out the makeover coming to the Lawn at White River State Park

Indianapolis hip-hop musicians split down the legacy hamilton’

10 weird-but-true Indiana stories of Motley Crue as band returns

The Indy 500 Snake Pit, called a nod into lawless gatherings inside Turn 1 in years past, debuted in 2010.

Indy 500 Snake Pit performers

2012: Krewella, Benny Benassi

2014: Hardwell, Dillon Francis

2015: Kaskade, Steve Aoki

2016: Skrillex, Martin Garrix

2017: Zedd, Marshmello

2018: Diplo, Deadmau5, Axwell & Ingrosso, Griz, Attlas

2019: Skrillex, Alesso, Illenium, Chris Lake, Ricky Retro Indianapolis 500 Live Online, 2020: Martin Garrix, Galantix, Rezz, Steve Aoki, Yellow Claw

Watch Indianapolis 500 Live Stream Free

The calendar has changed from 2018 to 2019 and groups will be allowed to test again starting this Sunday. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. The past two weeks are filled more by annual holiday cheer than preseason buildup.

Although the IndyCar season does not start until March 10, several motorists will be participating in the Rolex 24 held in Daytona International Speedway January 26-27. Indianapolis 500 Live Online, We bring you a preview of the weekend’s”Roar Before the 24″ testing.

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

Juncos Racing confirmed the 2018 Indy Pro 2000 Championship (formerly Pro Mazda) Presented by Cooper Tires champion Rinus Veekay for a fulltime IndyLights ride in 2019.

Open-Wheels has some fascinating feature stories to bring you also.

 Nuttall’s Chicago-based performance will field cars in all three Road to Indy series. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream.  Malukas will be running IndyLights for BN Running in 2019.

Watkins also caught up with legendary broadcaster Bob Jenkins for the most recent installment of”Voices of the 500″. Indianapolis 500 Live Online. Jenkins was involved with all the speedway in some type for each”500″ since 1979.

In the spirit of these holidays, Watkins and Neff have prepared lists of wishes and resolutions for the 2019 season.

In off-track news, IndyCar Chief Revenue Officer Rod Davis has announced he is leaving the sequence. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream,  Davis has held the role since 2015.

Finally, we would like to extend our condolences to the family and friends of Mike Hiss, who passed away at age 77 on December 19 after a long battle with cancer-related troubles. Indianapolis 500 Live Online.

Hiss started 28 IndyCar races from 1972-1976.  He earned a best finish of second at Ontario at 72 and was named Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year before that season.

Daytona”Roar” playing host to numerous IndyCar notables

Indianapolis 500 Live Stream

The 2019 racing calendar is set to start on Friday with sports car racing in Daytona Beach.  Serving as a prelude to the 2019 Rolex 24 at Daytona, Indianapolis 500 Live Online, this weekend’s Roar Ahead of the 24 provides race fans a little activity to hold them over before the big race in a few weeks.

For IndyCar Series fanatics, particularly, the American open-wheel rankings will be well represented during this weekend’s festivities. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, Each of the drivers we title will probably be back with their teams in the Rolex 24 on January 26 and 27.

Juncos Racing announced today that the reigning Indy Pro 2000 Championship Presented by Cooper Tires winner Rinus VeeKay will return to the team for the 2019 Indy Lights Presented by Cooper Tires Championship.

VeeKay is the first driver named to the championship-winning Indy Lights team line-up.

VeeKay, from Hoofddorp, Netherlands, will keep his conduct with Juncos Racing after a very successful season recording the 2018 Indy Pro 2000 (previously the Pro Mazda) Championship, documenting 10 podiums, Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, six sticks, and seven wins.

By asserting the title, VeeKay was given the Mazda scholarship and will make up his move to the last step of the Road to Indy ladder joining the Indy Lights series.  READ MORE

David Malukas

While victory is always in the plans for a brand new race team, perhaps nobody could have envisioned that Chicago-based BN Racing would roar off to as quick a start because this team has.

Whilst victory is always at the plans for a brand new race group, maybe no one could have envisioned that Chicago-based BN Racing would roar off as fast a beginning as this group has. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream.

In 2019, team owner Bryn Nuttall will enter cars at each end of the Road to Indy ladder with machines competing at each the Indy Lights, Indy Pro 2000 and USF2000 levels.

This trifecta of rivalry levels came together once Nuttall and his team announced their intentions to combine Indy Lights back in September, Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, taking yet another step towards the top notch IndyCar Series.

“We’d done such a good job in USF2000 and Indy Pro 2000, although obviously (those outcomes ) came from a short period of time,” Nuttall informed Open-Wheels when describing the movement to Indy Lights.  Indianapolis 500 Live Online.

The year is 1992, and also while the Greatest Spectacle in Racing barrels towards its nearest end, Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, Bob Jenkins is going to cement his own place in Indianapolis 500 history.

With eleven laps remaining, Michael Andretti is ready to bury a perceived family curse to bed by winning the”500″ as his dad did in 1969. Indy 500 Live updates. Fans, teams, as well as also the drivers themselves are going to be placed out of their misery too: wind chills had settled in the mid-30s all day while several on-track accidents included not only an insult but also harm.

Since Andretti stretches his lead into an insurmountable 25 seconds on-track, Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, the unthinkable happens when the No. 1 Newman-Hass Racing Ford loses fuel pressure and comes to a stop between turns three and four.  What was once a dead Indianapolis 500 — cold to the touch, in fact — roars to life with only a couple of laps remaining.

Four cars are on the lead lap once the green flag flies with seven circuits remaining, and the race is on with Al Unser Jr. being stalked by Canada’s Scott Goodyear.  Indy 500 Live updates.

Even though 66 days separate us from now and also the first day of training from St. Petersburg, teams were hard at work in preparation for the upcoming season since the checkered flag flew in Sonoma on September 16.

Like a lot of us do this annually, the time has come to set fresh goals (resolutions) to the upcoming year.

For IndyCar, 2018 may be regarded as a year of transition in several aspects. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, Ranging from a brand new aero kit to a new race director, change was a common theme across the paddock.

Having a new, fulltime tv partner and name sponsor, Indy 500 Live updates, this will be a common offseason speaking point once more.

As the series looks to build on the success of the past couple of decades, here are a few resolutions I think would be important in ongoing IndyCar’s positive trajectory. 

Chevrolet Engine

Where ever you may be reading, first and foremost, I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and happy holiday season by your friends at Open-Wheels.

As it is Christmas Eve, this is one of those few times of the year where each race shop across America is quiet with drivers, team members and engineers enjoying some well-deserved time together with family. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream, This creates a normally quiet week of IndyCar Series news between Christmas and the new year.

In this quiet time, I believed it was as good an opportunity as any to provide up a few last-minute Christmas gift ideas for those out there still studying.  These presents would not be for me, always, but for its open-wheel racing fans that live and die by IndyCar along with the Indianapolis 500.

What I will talk about is five important points that IndyCar needs to hit in the new year to continue its recent trend of positive momentum — or otherwise risk taking a step back after years of hard labor. 

IndyCar Flashback makes its 2019 debut.  With over 100 years worth of historical moments to choose from, it’s often tough to choose which ones to profile.

This race has been etched in the annals of history because of its late-race conflict between two mythical racing titles. Indianapolis 500 Live Stream. Because its 30th anniversary approaches this May, we have a look at that race.  

Open-Wheels’ 2019 IndyCar Holiday Wishlist

First and foremost, Open-Wheels would love to wish you a Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and a wonderful new year in 2020. Indy 500 Live updates. Thank you to all of our readers that encourage the website on a daily basis — we appreciate each and every one of you personally.

2019 was a fantastic year for IndyCar — that the series ushered in a new entitlement sponsor in NTT, the Indianapolis 500 had been filled with drama and intrigue, the championship battle continued to the last round of this year, Watch Indy 500 Live. and the most prosperous businessman in racing ended up buying all of it in November.

But while 2019 was great, in this industry, you are constantly searching for a little more — than an additional benefit that has been move you forward towards progress and success.

Today, Open-Wheels’ owner/editor Tanner Watkins and assistant editor Spencer Neff have compiled a wish list of three thoughts each, representing key points to victory for IndyCar in 2019 –Indy 500 Live updates- and beyond.  Have a look at them below!

Arrow McLaren SP and new driver Patricio (Pato) O’Ward test the aeroscreen in Sebring on November 5 (Arrow McLaren SP)

Indy 500 Live updates

NEFF: Over the last ten years, cockpit protection has become an increasingly important topic of discussion for IndyCar. 

For 2020, there will be a new aeroscreen implemented on every car for the NTT IndyCar Series. Indy 500 Live updates.

Since that time, it has been tested at Indianapolis Motor Speedway with positive testimonials from previous IndyCar winners May Power and Scott Dixon. Watch Indy 500 Live. A month afterward, Arrow McLaren SP also tested the aeroscreen in Sebring International Raceway on November 5 with Patricio O’Ward.

Moving ahead, the series also looks toward its 2022 chassis, which will have the aero screen incorporated into the plan.  As the series looks toward the 2020 season opener, Indy 500 Live updates, here is hoping that this type of the aero screen is a major step in the right direction.

WATKINS: As a semi-active member of this iRacing community, Watch Indy 500 Live, it has been a serious disappointment to view IndyCar be stagnant in the specialty of eSports while its rivals have success.

NASCAR, that hosts three exceptional racing series on both PC and console gaming platforms, Indy 500 Live updates, has made considerable strides in adopting the value of eSports and implementing it into virtual stock car racing.

For its NASCAR Maximum iRacing Series, the maximum NASCAR branch on iRacing that handed out more than $100,000 in prizes this season, Indy 500 Live updates, real-life organizations and drivers such as Roush Fenway Racing, the Wood Brothers, Watch Indy 500 Live Online, along with JR Motorsports had teams on-track — increasing exposure by substantial margins.

While the raw information has yet to be published, Sports Business Journal reported that NASCAR saw a 195 percent viewership growth for its premiere run across all digital platforms — and that does not even factor in the live cable broadcast NBCSN for the season finale.

Meanwhile, the IndyCar loyal have been fed an identical announcement for the previous 3 years –Indy 500 Live updates, that the sanctioning body is assessing their choices and they are wanting to enlarge their presence in that market soon.

Unfortunately, their rival is already light years ahead of them and there’s plenty of ground to make up if they get to move at all. Watch Indy 500 Live Online.

Kyle Kaiser celebrates after qualifying for his second Indianapolis 500 (Chris Jones)

NEFF: For 2018 and 2019, 35 and 36 cars have taken part in credentials for the Indy 500 Live updates.  Before then, it was since 2011 that over 34 automobiles had entered to be part of the 33-car grid.

In 2018, James Davison was one of the most notable drivers to make his way to the field. Watch Indy 500 Live Online. A day after a practice mess, his Foyt-Byrd-Hollinger-Belardi had their car ready and was able to adapt 33rd, as James Hinchcliffe and Pippa Mann would not make the area.

This season produced an identical situation.  Indy 500 Live updates, On Quick Friday, Juncos Racing’s Kyle Kaiser had a massive crash at Turn 3.

After not making a qualifying attempt on Day 1, Kaiser narrowly bumped his way to the field and knocked out McLaren’s Fernando Alonso in one of Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Bump Day efforts. Indy 500 Streaming Live, For 2020 and the near future, let’s hope the delight of qualifying and Bump Day remains within this month of May.

WATKINS: Using new ownership in the helm, the timing is now to re-introduce popular paths such as Pocono Raceway and Watkins Glen International into the IndyCar calendar.Indy 500 Live updates.

While there should not be some expectations of seeing these courses on the 2020 schedule, targeting a 2021 yield for every would add a bit more punch to an already diverse championship.

With Pocono off of the 2020 schedule, the closest thing that the U.S. has into a northeast race in Richmond or even Mid-Ohio (not counting Toronto), Indy 500 Live updates, so the inclusion of Pocono and/or Watkins Glen would do well to fill that gap.

Additionally, both classes are iconic United States motorsport circuits with tons of history. Indy 500 Streaming Live,  Watkins Glen is one of the more prestigious road courses in North America, and Pocono boasts a slew of IndyCar legacy which shouldn’t be forgotten so easily.

Sure there are barriers to re-entry.  Watkins Glen and IndyCar have to settle on a date which every party agrees, Indy 500 Live updates, also it appears that the previous ownership regime at IndyCar either believed that Pocono was too dangerous to race or was not making enough to justify the threat, or possibly both.

No matter IndyCar is suffering from only one superspeedway on the schedule in addition to a lack of northeastern presence, Indy 500 Streaming Live, and adding the two aforementioned tracks to 2021’s schedule would solve both problems.

In May, Roger Penske celebrated the 50th anniversary of his first appearance at the Indianapolis 500. 

Eight days after, the Frenchman became the first driver because Greg Ray in 2000 to win the pole for the Indianapolis 500 a year after the starting moment.  On Race Day, Indy 500 Live updates, Pagenaud headed 116 of 200 laps and gave Penske their 18th win along with the 18th pole he made a week before.

On November 4, it was announced that his firm’s Penske Entertainment Corporation would acquire Hulman and Company, which include Indycar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Although Mr. Penske is a businessman first and foremost, his passion for the game runs deep. Indy 500 Live updates, From the press conference announcing the purchase, Penske recalled his first time at the speedway with his father in 1951.  Together with his knowledge and enthusiasm, IndyCar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway has a bright future to look ahead. 

REO Speedwagon, Styx to headline Carb Day concert at 2020

INDIANAPOLIS — REO Speedwagon and Styx will to co-headline that the Miller Lite Carb Day Concert next May at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, Watch Indy 500 Live, the speedway declared on Tuesday.

The concert is set for May 22, according to a release from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Stream Indy 500, Styx is set to execute first at 3:30 p.m. followed by REO Speedwagon at the Miller Lite Stage inside Turn 4 of the IMS oval.

“Miller Lite Carb Day is the beginning of the most exciting weekend of the year in motorsports, and REO Speedwagon and Styx are the ideal headliners to shift anticipation for the 104th Indy 500 into top gear,” J. Douglas Boles, IMS President, stated. Watch Indy 500 Live, “Both bands came from Midwestern origins to become enduring worldwide superstars, exactly like the Indy 500.  Our lovers will love rocking to hit after hit performed from these legendary artists at the best high-horsepower party of the year.”

Watch Indy 500 Live

Tickets are on sale today online, by calling 800-822-INDY (4639) or 317-492-6700, or by visiting the IMS Ticket Office at the IMS Administration Building.

General admission tickets start at just $30.  A restricted variety of concert pit tickets can be purchased for $55. Watch Indy 500 Live, For the first time in 2020, a limited number of tickets at a new temporary grandstand can be found starting at $95, such as concert pit accessibility.  Additionally, there is a very limited supply of VIP platform tickets for $250 which include pit access, snacks, two free drinks, and committed bars.  Ticket prices increase since the concert draws closer.

All general admission, concert pit, grandstand, and VIP Deck concert tickets include entrance to the concert and also to on-track pursuits that day at IMS, which include the final practice for the Watch Indy 500 Live, the Freedom 100 Indy Lights race along with the Indy 500 Pit Stop Challenge.

IndyCar: DragonSpeed affirm six races in 2020, no driver confirmed

DragonSpeed has confirmed they will compete in six races in the 2020 IndyCar season, although they haven’t yet confirmed their driver lineup.

DragonSpeed made their IndyCar introduction in the 2019 year with Ben Hanley behind the wheel of the #81 Chevrolet.  Watch Indy 500 Live, Initially slated to compete in five races, they only ended up competing in three.

They opened up the year competing on the streets of St. Petersburg, Florida earlier competing at Barber Motorsports Park. Stream Indy 500.

Watch Indy 500 Live

But despite their initial plans to compete at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and Road America, they did not compete at the track.  They made it their goal to compete at the season finale at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca rather, but that ultimately didn’t come to fruition either.

IndyCar: Remembering Those Killed In The Last Ten Years

Indy 500: Potential Landing Spots For Fernando Alonso In 2020

IndyCar: Will DragonSpeed Really Fulfill 2020 Commitment?

Now for 2020, DragonSpeed, that were initially eyeing a 10-race schedule, have confirmed they will compete in six of the 17 races.

With that said, who will end up forcing the 81 Chevrolet in 2020 remains unknown.

They’re once again set to compete on the streets of St. Petersburg, but rather than Barber Motorsports Park, Watch Indy 500 Live, they are set to compete on the streets of Long Beach, California.  They are then put to attempt to qualify for the Indy 500 once more before competing in another oval race at Texas Motor Speedway.

After missing out on rival at Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course and WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in 2019, Stream Indy 500, they are planning to compete in either in 2020.  Notably, Road America isn’t part of their plan this year.

The team confirmed this news on their Twitter account.

Last year, Hanley finished in 18th and 21st place at St. Petersburg and Barber Motorsports Park, respectively, Watch Indy 500 Live before a driveshaft difficulty knocked him out of the race and relegated him to a 32nd-place ending in the Indy 500.