IndyCar: Will A.J. Foyt Enterprises compete in 2020?

A.J. Foyt Enterprises will no more have primary host ABC Supply in the 2020 IndyCar season after 15 decades. Indy 500 schedule, Will they last competing?

When ABC Supply announced they will no longer return to A.J. Foyt Enterprises as their principal sponsor for the 17-race 2020 IndyCar year, team owner A.J. Foyt was quick to state that his team would still be competing next year.

Indy 500 schedule

ABC Supply verified they would still back the Chevrolet-powered team for its 104th running of the Indianapolis 500 at Indianapolis Motor Speedway in May, but Foyt desired the world to know that his team could still run two cars, both on a full-time basis. Indy 500 Streaming.

This is exactly what Foyt had to say about the matter back in September, according to RACER.

“I think we’ve got three or four potential sponsors lined up and we’re likely going to keep running 2 automobiles. Indy 500 schedule, I will continue to keep our stores in Indianapolis and Houston.  I just want people to understand we are not leaving.”

Indy 500 schedule

Tony Kanaan includes a verbal handshake agreement to go back to the team from the 2020 season, but nothing is signed.  The team effectively verified this using a comment replying to the remark that”Foyt’s word is as good as a signed record”, and Kanaan has stayed optimistic about a rival following year on multiple events without explicitly stating that he’ll be back for what would be his 23rd season of competition at American open-wheel racing. Indy 500 schedule.

Matheus Leist, who joined the group as a rookie alongside the veteran Kanaan ahead of the 2018 season, is not under contract anywhere for next year, and it’s been theorized that a motorist lineup change would most likely lead to him being released after recording just one top 10 finish in two seasons.

With the offseason between the 2019 and 2020 season gradually but definitely nearing its halfway point, the question needs to be asked: will A.J. Foyt Enterprises compete full time in 2020? Indy 500 Stream.

A.J. Foyt Enterprises are already among the slowest teams on the grid, and they have held that undesirable distinction for several decades. Indy 500 schedule, Their latest victory came in the 2013 season on the streets of Long Beach, California when Takuma Sato drove his #14 Honda throughout the end flag first.

After dreadful year after dreadful year, things are not looking up for A.J. Foyt Enterprises, in spite of the team set to experience rebuilding efforts for the 2020 season, Indy 500 schedule, and the reduction of ABC Supply adds to that fear for a team already trending in the wrong direction simply by neglecting to do anything meaningful for better, every year.

We’ve seen, time and time again — even in the event that you look at this offseason — prices fall through for motorists, engine makers and teams that were previously”under contract”. Indy 500 Stream. As good as Foyt’s word is, A.J. Foyt Enterprises confront much less certainty, and it might be an uphill battle for them to be in a position to completely commit to a specified car/driver lineup next year anytime soon.

But don’t expect them to miss the 2020 season entirely, not the Indy 500, which they will still have full backing from ABC Supply, Indy 500 schedule, also do not expect them to bend over and let circumstances get the best of them.

Regardless of what kind of negativity is out there, this remains”Super Tex” we are talking about this. Indy 500 schedule.


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